Anti-inflammatory ☇
Anti-inflammatory ☇
Anti-inflammatory ☇

Anti-inflammatory ☇

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bioactive curcumin + spice

Signature recipe of flowering plants from the Zingiberaceae family.  Leveraging the effects of fermentation to increase medicinal properties of turmeric's active compound known as curcumin by 300%.





+supports regularity

+increases blood flow

+supports liver function

Suggested Use

one daily for best results


*raw cacao butter, *turmeric, *ginger, *cardamon, *cinnamon, *nutmeg

*indicates organic ingredients


Customer Reviews

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Teresa Maes

Love the bites they taste good and I really enjoy with my morning coffee. They have been great support after Covid-19! I’ve been struggling with after effects 3 weeks later with inflammation, fatigue, brain fog, blurry vision and shortness of breath. I always stick with naturopathy and take Chinese herbs along with supplements and this gives me my morning boost! Hope to see you Saturday at Rose Garden Farmers Market!

Yogi 1
Subject: Your Anti-Inflammatory Bites have been a life changer!!!


I met you at the Santa Cruz fair on Fri., right at the end of the day, and bought your anti-inflammatory bites.
As you may remember, I experienced instant relief from the throbbing pain in my gum and in one tooth. To my
even greater astonishment, that pain relief has lasted and lasted. The only time it comes back a little is during yoga,
and I guess that's because blood is flowing more vigorously and heating up areas. I took another today just to keep
things "quiet," and it again worked immediately.

I cannot tell you how impressed and relieved I am! I'd been considering having my front tooth removed (because the pain
is coming from a problem with the nerve), which I absolutely do NOT want to do. (Who would?!) This product of yours
is making me think that maybe I don't have to go down that miserable path.

At first I assumed that when the pain returned, it would be at the same level as in the moments before I met you and that
I would need to keep eating your product in order to keep the pain at bay. But it seems to me more like the ingredients
turned off a light switch in a sense, telling my body not to keep flooding my gums with blood or something. I have no idea
if that's how it works, and I'd love to hear your opinion.

In any case, a million thank yous!!!! I will certainly be a regular customer.

One of my yoga teachers is an ayurvedic specialist, so tonight I told her about your product and my experience, and I just
sent her various links. She was intrigued!

She also directed me to do various cleanses to get at the root of the inflammation.

I'm curious as to whether you do ayurvedic consulting, as well.

Thanks again! Well done!


The packaging is so clean, beautiful and well put together. I just tried the anti-inflammatory & they were so good!!